Frequently Asked Question

How to participate in mywin247?
You can participate in mywin247 by registering, logging in and activating your account via an activation link sent to the mail you used to register. After which you obtain the required Pick for participation in the site.
You can also participate offline through USSD code; however the USSD code participation is limited to the lucky number game and currently not available. It will be made known to you once its activated.
What is the minimum age for participating in mywin247?
The minimum age for participating in mywin247 is 18.
Does it cost anything to register in mywin247?
No. It's completely free of charge.
How to register in mywin247?
Visit and click on the Registration button, fill in the registration form and submit by clicking on "submit".
N.B: Your personal details need to be correct, and are 100% confidential.
Can I change my username?
Unfortunately no; the username that you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your mywin247 account.
Can I retrieve my Forgotten Login Details?
Yes. To retrieve your password, please click on "Forgot password" on the home page or login page, below the login area and answer enter the email address you registered with.
How to Change Password?
Login in, click on "my account", click on the "change password" and follow the steps.
What happens in a case of incorrect bank details?
In case of inaccuracies in your bank details, please contact our Customer Services via or call 070069946247 (0700mywin247) to rectify any error.
Can I open more than one account in
No. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
What is Pick?
Pick is a virtual currency used as a medium of exchange and participation in
What is the value of a Pick
The value of a pick is N100.
How can I get Pick?
You can get Pick by clicking on "my account", in then select the "deposit funds" icon and choose your preferred payment options.
For any assistance, please contact our customer service section.
Does mywin247 charge any fee when depositing?
No, mywin247 does not charge any fee when depositing.
How to Withdraw?
Go to "My Account" section at the menu list and click on "my wallet" icon. Click on withdraw funds and insert your information in the empty fields and click "confirm"
Withdrawals may take up to 48 working hours after authorization and are only actioned during banking hours.
How to check the status of my withdrawal request?
You can check the status of your withdrawal request by clicking on withdrawal from your "Account Statement".
You can also check your mail for notification. Mywin247 sends you notification via your registration email once your transaction is completed.
Where can I view information on my previous transactions?
You can view the information on your previous transactions in your account statement records.
Click on "My Account", select "My Wallet". All the transactions you have made previously such as your deposits, withdrawals, stake and your account balances are reproduced there.
Can I deposit funds and withdraw same without playing any game in the site?
No. funds can only be withdrawn from your winning account either through bets or the lucky number games.
What is the minimum and maximum Payout?
The minimum payout is N1000 (that is 10 Pick), there is no strictly defined maximum payout.
How to bet in mywin247?
To bet in mywin247, you are expected to have agreed with another player to play a particular game and the amount to stake. You then click on the game you agreed to play and enter the amount you agreed to stake. Click on "invite a friend" or "accept" if you have already been invited, and the system automatically merges the players.
Please note that for all paired games other than singles, there is a uniform timing pattern for all the players but may vary from game to game while for single games, participants are expected to play the game within 48hours.
What is the difference between paired games other than singles and the single paired games?
The multiplayer challenge games are those games that require the participants to take turns to play before the game is completed.
For example; the games of chess, draft, ludo, whot etc while single challenge games are those games that are played independently of the other player.
For example the games of puzzle, fun dice throw, bowling etc.
What is the minimum and maximum stake for a bet in the games?
The minimum stake to participate in the games is N100.00.
There is no strictly defined maximum stake.
How to play the lucky numbers game?
To play the lucky numbers game, click on the icon "lucky numbers", select the package you want to play, click on your lucky button(s) and click play.
What is the minimum and maximum stake for a bet in the lucky number game?
The lucky number game has a fixed stake of N100; a player is free to play multiple times.
Where can I see my bets in paired games?
Go to "Games History" section and click on "My Paired Players". You will find a list of all bets you have placed.
NB: Only the history of paired games is available for the every user.
How do I know if a game invitation has been sent to me?
Once a game invitation is sent to a player, it indicates at the notification section at the top right side of the screen. You can also find it by going to "Games History" and click on "Games Invitation".
What happens when an invited player refuses to accept the invitation?
When an invited player refuses to accept invitation, the amount staked shall revert to the player within 24hours.
Can I cancel a game when an invitation has been accepted?
Once a game is accepted, it cannot be cancelled, for any reason.
What happens where a participant fails to play after a game has begun?
Any participant who fails to play within the time frame loses a turn to the opponent.
What happens when participants start a game but all fail to complete it?
When participants start a game and all fail to complete it, the game shall remain open until completed.
Can I pause the game?
No. Make sure you are ready before starting the game.
Does mywin247 offer bonuses and promotions?
Yes. Mywin247 offers the best bonus package for participants. The worth of 5% of every amount deposited is returned to the participant in form of bonus to play the lucky pick game. And another 5% referral bonus is given to any participant who refers another.
What is the minimum amount of bonus required to play the lucky pick game?
The minimum amount of bonus required to play the lucky pick game is 1.
How do I use my bonus to play the lucky number game?
To use your bonus, first ensure you have the required amount of bonus to play the lucky number game. Click on the icon for the lucky number game, select your desired package, select the bonus option at the top right side of your screen, then play.
Can I withdraw my bonus?
No. funds in bonus cannot be withdrawn. You can only use it to play any of the packages in the lucky number game.
Can I withdraw funds from my referral bonus?
Yes. From referral bonuses can be withdrawn provided it is up to the minimum withdrawal threshold.
Can I play any game from my referral bonus account?
To play a game from your referral bonus account simply transfer such fund to your game account.
How do I transfer funds from my winning and referral bonus account?
To transfer funds from your winning and referral bonus account, click on My Account; select My Wallet and choose your appropriate option.
How do I bid in mywin247?
To bid in mywin247 click on "Bidding" icon, select "my bidding" or "go to bidding website" and select "join bid" for any of the available items that are up for grabs. Bid and win.
NB: ensure you have up to the required amount of Pick for joining the bid game.
How does bidding work in mywin247?
When you bid for a particular item, there is a countdown of 45 seconds, at the end of the last second, if no one bids again for that item, the last bidder wins. If within 45 minutes nobody wins, the last bidder at the end of the 45th minutes wins the game.
Will I be debited each time I bid once the game starts?
No. The only time you are debited is upon joining the bid. It is a onetime debit and no debit is made when the game commences.
Are all the items for bid the same price?
All the items for the bid are not necessarily the same price. For every item, the amount of Pick to stake will be displayed at the screen beneath the item.
How many times can I bid for an item?
You can bid as many times as possible until the item is won.
How can one know when an item is won?
The information that an item has been won will be displayed on the screen, the time it was won and the user name of the winner.